To bring bold colour and energetic pattern to your life!

Yes, let’s ditch those dull hues and embrace the yummy colour!

Hi, I’m Mel. I create fresh and upbeat patterns & illustrations inspired by those mid-century design kings (and queens). Translated onto a variety of home-wares and accessories, these prints can help transform your home into a space you truly feel reflects you and your splendid personality.

Whether you’re a brand spanking new homeowner and you’re all excitable about a place that you can fiiiinally call your own (oh you’ve waited so long for this, haven’t you!) … or whether you’ve been holding out for that one awesome statement piece that will make your friends stop and go ‘ooooooh, I like’ (and don’t pretend like you wouldn’t LOVE that!) … you deserve to have your dream home.

With their playful twist my modern-retro designs are here to brighten up a room and put a smile on your face .  It’s as simple as that .


1998. The middle of the Changing Rooms and D.I.Y SOS era.  Home decorating TV shows were EVERYWHERE .  And I got the itch . . .

Studying art and design at college and then specialising in Interior Textiles at university set things up nicely for me to venture into a design career. I started off working with a greetings card company – a great experience but my heart was still in interiors so I also freelanced for a few years producing designs for kitchen linens, bedding and stationery before deciding I wanted to go it alone .  In 2012 I completed the Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design e-course and Mel Smith Designs was born . . .

Since the start I have seen my designs in high street stores such as Marks and Spencers & John Lewis,, and my products in some wonderful indie retail boutiques across the country. I was thrilled to get the chance to collaborate with The Original Muck Boot Company and Green Decore to produce vibrant designs for a selection of outdoor products.


Here are just a few things that I like right now:

  • dogs (preferably this massive slobbery ones, like Hooch, remember him? naaaww)
  • that first magnum of the summer. and then every one after that
  • getting organised, oh yeah, things can never be too organised enough me
  • relaxing with the next gripping Martina Cole novel whilst the glorious sunshine is beaming down
  • 2p machines at the seaside, and yes, that is what I did for my birthday this year, like a big 31 year old kid!

And what don’t I like…?

  • clutter (yuck. no more needs to be said)
  • wind and rain combined. (although this does make for the perfect horror movie watching weather…)
  • people telling me what happens in my favourite tv shows before I’ve watched it (I mean seriously, why do that?)
  • aubergine. it’s just nasty