As you know, I am a bit of a fan of travelling. I think it is one of the most worthwhile things you can do with your time and money. The world is so vast and there is so much to see and do, to eat and drink and of course to draw! However, with all of that being said, it can be quite overwhelming. After all, how do you make sure you are really making the most of your travels? Here are my top five tips!

Slow down

When you have a huge list of things that you want to do and see, it can be easy to rush through them all, making sure you ticking them off, but not really taking the time to enjoy them. Make a conscious effort to slow down a little and be really present in the moment; really soaking up the atmosphere, the way a sunrise looks across a deserted beach, how much you can really see and experience if you just take your time. It’s far better to really enjoy and appreciate fewer places, than to rush through others so that you can list off all the things you “did” without really being present.

Make sure you are protected

This isn’t the most exciting part, but probably the most important! Make sure you have good travel insurance that protects you in case anything were to go wrong; from issues with your rental car, to needing medical care in another country. If you are going to be traveling regularly (which you absolutely should!) invest in an annual multi-trip policy – any excuse to see more of the world right?


. . . but be prepared to tear up your plan too! A plan is great to make sure you see the places you want to see and make sure you do all the things you are desperate to do, however, it’s also a great idea to be a little flexible, as you never know what might come your way. You may walk past a festival that you didn’t know was on, or meet new friends who want to show you their favourite hangout spot. Often these lead to the best adventures and most amazing memories, so try to keep that delicate balance between planning and throwing those plans away!

Keep a record

When you’re in the moment it might feel as though you’ll remember every detail of your trip, but back home in your normal everyday life, you will find yourself forgetting little aspects. This is why it’s so important and valuable to keep a record of what you did. You can choose to take photos, keep a journal or a blog, or, like me, draw what you see. Some people even like to write postcards and send to themselves back home to look at when they return. Memories are so important so try to keep some records of what you have seen and done to look back on.

Be open

If you are open to new experiences you are going to have the best time. As long as something is safe and isn’t going to cause you any harm, try and give it a go. That weird dish over on that street stall? Give it a taste! Skydiving? Why not?! Of course, one of the best parts of travelling is the people you meet, so get talking! Whether you make friends at your accommodation or ask locals about their lives, these are the things that really make travelling worthwhile.

The more you travel, the more these things will become second nature to you and the more you will want to travel!

Do you have any other top tips for making the most of travels? Let me know in the comments!