I’ve been busy working on my Edinburgh project the past couple of months. It took a wee bit longer than planned due to lots of other exciting things getting in the way (more on those another day!), but for now here is my collection based on this beautiful city. I’ve visited many a time and plan to go back this summer to experience the Fringe Festival. It’s gotta be done at least once right?!

This project had a slightly different direction than previous ones – I wanted to turn my illustrations in a type of travel poster, so I experimented with my own hand drawn font (something I haven’t done before) and was pretty chuffed with the results!

I also think these are the most detailed architectural illustrations I have done, and the most enjoyable yet. I love their wonkiness! I spent a lot longer building up the layers and textures for each building, creating bricks and tiles and slabs galore.

Stay tuned because they’ll be lots of exciting products featuring these illustrations coming soon … I’ll be extended my tea towel range to include bonny wee Scotland, a well as continuing my new collection of postcards and art prints.


If you have any favourite buildings in Edinburgh (or anywhere for that matter!) that you’d like to see as an illustration or perhaps as your very own art print please do get in touch, I’d love to hear from you! I also offer a bespoke map service so if you’d like a customised print of your favourite city or country, or love to have your backpacking route immortalised forever then get in touch!