To draw my way around the globe and bring my adventures back home!

But not just mine – yours as well! Yes, let’s celebrate our adventures and grab a memento to remind us of the awesome trips we’ve had!

Hi, I’m Mel. I create fresh and upbeat illustrations inspired by my travels both near and far. Translated onto a variety of homewares and accessories, these prints can help you to never forget that much loved getaway. With their playful twist my modern-retro designs are here to brighten up a room and put a smile on your face. It’s as simple as that.


I love exploring other cultures, seeing their ways of life, taking in the different styles of architecture. And I love to then come home and relive it all again by drawing it and creating my interpretations of that area, whether it be by illustrating the buildings, the wildlife, the textiles . . . and of course creating my own illustrated map from it all!

Design + Travel = super happy Mel.

I also love keeping a little journal whilst away, jotting down all the random things that happen. They make for the best stories and so I started my travel blog, a place where I can combine my travel illustrations and stories as one.


Just a handful of projects I would be THRILLED to work on. If you’re involved in any of them and would like to work together then get in touch! I would love to:

  • Illustrate for travel magazines & travel websites
  • Create posters for airlines, train lines, coach companies…any kind of transport that goes places!
  • Produce illustrated maps and tour guides for in-flight mags
  • Illustrate a children’s travel storybook or atlas
  • Work with national parks and heritage sites to create local guides of walking trails and biking routes
  • Work with local communities to showcase the best of the local area
  • Contribute to other travel bloggers on guest posts, both written and illustrative


Here are just a few totally random things that I like right now:

  • Dogs (preferably this massive slobbery ones, like Hooch, remember him? naaaw)
  • That first magnum of the summer. And then every one after
  • Getting organised. Oh yes, things can never be too organised for me
  • Relaxing with a random book from a charity shop hunt
  • Crazy golf and 2p machines at the seaside

And what don’t I like…?

  • Clutter. Just no.
  • People telling me what happens in my favourite TV shows before I’ve watched it (I mean seriously, why do that?)
  • Mint chocolate. Why ruin such a good thing? Now give me orange chocolate and it’s a whole other story