A new year and a new project. I love to travel and I love to draw and create lovely ‘things’ based on these travels. So, every month I will focusing my attention on a new city or country and doodling the hell out of it! There are so many places to explore and they all have so much culture and tradition – national dishes, quirky transportation, traditional textiles, wildlife, landscapes . . . so much to see!

And first up . . . Peru. I visited this amazing country 3 years ago and got to spend 3 weeks travelling from the centre of the country all the way down south. On my way I cuddled many fluffy alpacas, tried to say hello to some less friendly llamas, trekked 20miles to a height of 4500m accompanied by the most awesome dog, sipped the national drink of Pisco Sour, sand-boarded down the biggest sand dune I’ve EVER seen and fell in love with the gorgeous coloured buildings.

My palette is inspired by their gorgeous textiles, beautifully hand dyed and woven blankets, shawls, cushions . . . I myself came away with a scarf and a rug. Yep, I managed to squeeeeeeze a pretty decent size rug into my already full backpack. Not quite sure how but I knew it as mine when I first saw it and I was not leaving there without it! I was lucky enough to include a homestay in my visit and my resident ‘mama’ was a weaver. I sat and watched her attach her backstrap loom (the oldest form of loom in the world – more info here if you fancy) to her steps and off she went! Well, not quite at that high speed – it takes 1 week to weave a scarf. Wowzers.

So, here’s my interpretation of Peru . . .