Well what can I say. Istanbul is simply wonderful! 3 short days in the city but we (I took my mum away for a treat) managed to cram in everything we wanted to – all the sights, plus fighting off an ambush of shop keepers in the Grand Bazaar, stepping foot on the Asian side of the country, having one of every ‘typical’ Turkish dish (I think), and buying some beautiful traditional textiles. But only after giving in to go for dinner with a George Clooney look-a-like shop keeper. Naturally.

And of course I was in my element with all of the gorgeous tile work. I could have posted A LOT of photos of said tiles but I have just picked out a select few.

Obviously I am itching to get into an Istanbul themed project with lots of tulip illustrations, tones of blue & turquoise, and a kind of patchwork / tiled style . . . ooooh yes, yes, yes! Watch. This. Space.

Down from right: Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace (x 3), Aya Sofia Tombs (x 2).