My project for February is all about Edinburgh. I haven’t visited for a couple of years now but am returning this summer during the Fringe Festival to take in a whole new atmosphere to what I have been used to on previous visits! My full collection will be available to view soon but here is a brief run through of how I go from the initial sketch to final piece…



RIGHT: The initial sketch and first layer.  After it has been scanned I clean it up using Live Trace in Illustrator. From here on it is all about Photoshop!

BELOW: Starting with a nice sky backdrop. For whatever reason I chose to view John Knox House at sunset.

BELOW RIGHT: I always start by adding flat colour on each of the surfaces. From here I build up textures to create more depth…

ABOVE: I hide the original outline to get a better idea of how the colours sit next to each other and work from here. I start by adding in a basic texture across all surfaces, as well as a few shadows under window ledges and door frames.

ABOVE RIGHT:Brickwork built up from Photoshop brushes, and playing with colour & opacity levels to add depth.

RIGHT: As with the brickwork I used Photoshop brushes to make a tile work texture for the rooves. This is repeated for the buildings either side of the main feature.

BELOW LEFT:  Final details including the road & pavement, and the steps are added ….

BELOW RIGHT: …et voile! The final piece.