I’m starting a tour around the streets of London, picking out the most loved sights, landmarks and venues. Not just the ‘typical tourist traps’, but also those places most loved by the locals that live in the area. I am LOVING drawing architecture right now and think I could really sink into exploring the capital with this project.

First on the agenda is Walthamstow, the main town in the borough of Waltham Forest. 3 key locations jumped out at me as I was walking about looking at the architecture and what I would be illustrating

  • the William Morris Gallery was a must (it’s just a beautiful building set beside the lovely Lloyd Park),
  • the Vestry House Museum (well it’s all about the history of area so how could it not be included when it is so important!),
  • and Ye Olde Rose & Crown Theatre Pub (I’d not heard of a theatre pub until now and what with it hosting live mic nights and stand up comedy gigs I just had to include it. That and it was an awesome building to draw!).

The initial sketch. Quite a challenge I must say but a good sign of things to come I reckon . . .

. . . getting my trace on and inking up the sketch . . . and jumping right in for the first layer in Photoshop – colour blocking!

. . . adding brickwork detailing to bring the all important texture to the print . . . and then shadowing to create the depth . . .

. . . et voile. The final piece alongside the rest of the Walthamstow collection. All 3 are now available as art prints here.