Today I am sharing the stunning work of Hennie Haworth. I came across Hennie’s work after a random google search a few weeks back and can’t believe I’ve been missing out all this time, she is one talented lady.  The level of detail in Hennie’s illustrations is astonishing! So it’s no wonder she has such an amazing catalogue of collaborations – including (my dream) Nat Geo Traveller magazine, Royal Mail, Louis Vitton, housing developments in Stockholm, fashion sticker books . . . the list goes on!

Hennie’s most recent project was a series of illustrations based on her every day sights in her hometown Wandsworth. She captures the essence of local community so brilliantly especially in her illustrations of the markets, the fruit and veg stalls and the local shops.

Her colouring books are on another level . . . but I’m not sure I’d know where to begin – I think they look rather lovely just as they are!

Obviously one of the main things that captured my eye were her maps and she has produced many for the ‘City Life’ feature in Nat Geo Traveller magazine. My favourites being LA and Tokyo, below. The colours capture the cities perfectly, particularly Tokyo with its love of all things vibrant and slightly zany.

Hennie has just opened up an Etsy store with a selection of her prints and cards so if you fancy grabbing a piece to call your very own have a little nosey around here.