Bar Estilo. I can’t rave about this place enough…the tapas, the lamb shank, the sangria . . . ohhhh the sangria! I used to live just 43 seconds from the Teddington branch (yes, I counted) and it was just a delight to visit. It was a very sad day when I left Teddington and my favourite restaurant behind.

But don’t worry, I’ve not suddenly become a food critic and am about to review their delicious dishes (and delicious they are – go taste for yourself) . . . I just want to mention the new pattern work adorning Bar Estilo’s menus and website. They seem to have had a little makeover and now gorgeous Spanish prints compliment the rich interior decoration.

The whole place has a warm, earthy mediterranean palette of oranges, yellows and reds carried throughout. I love it! It just makes me want to go back to Spain and get lost in the hustle and bustle of the markets, surrounded by stacks of hand painted tiles, dishes and pottery.

If you’re passing by do pop in . . . I’d recommend the chicken quesadillas, the chorizo & halloumi skewers and the pomegranate & elderflower sangria. Oh ok, so it was a little bit of a review as well . . . I couldn’t resist!