Hello one and all, I’ve been away for quite a while on the blog front. I let it slip. If I’m honest I struggled to find topics to write about, thoughts to share, or just anything remotely interesting to waffle on about. But I think this is about to change. I met up with some design buddies recently and we had a good brainstorm on where we have been, where we are now and where we want to be.

I for one had an idea of which direction I wanted to take. I know which area of my work I am really passionate about, the projects I really can’t wait to just get working on, but I wasn’t necessarily sure how to put this into a clear brand direction.

BUT NO MORE! Having had a good sit down with these 2 we pinpointed ideas which I had been so close to but hadn’t quite nailed down fully – so thank you guys for those chats! I’m really excited to be entering this ‘new’ phase. I say new’ because it’s quite a naturally progression from where I have been and I’ve been getting there slowly but now I’m ready to go full on gung-ho!

So I would like to welcome you all to new Mel Smith Design blog where I will be talking and sharing all things travel!

You may have picked up on it already but I do rather love to travel. No? You hadn’t noticed? Ah, well, you will do soon enough my friend. And I have developed a slight obsession for maps over the past few years. Not only do I love to travel but I absolutely love creating maps to replicate my journeys across towns or countries; illustrations of the sights I have seen; patterns inspired by the traditional cultures and local styles . . . love, love, love it!

So I thought heck . . . let’s do more!

I already have textiles and art work with London, New York, Amsterdam and Morocco inspired prints…so where to next? Well, I plan to reminisce about my past travels, and I invite you all to come along with me. I’ll be jumping between Peru, Spain, New Zealand, and Paris to name just a few. So grab your passport and pack your bags! . . . or maybe just get comfy on the sofa . . .