I received a VERY exciting email a little while back. VERY exciting. I almost couldn’t believe it because it was my dream job. And as a freelancer you have to learn that even though a project is being discussed it will not necessarily follow through, it’s just the nature of the business…but within days of the initial contact I was working on this project. And I loved every second!

I was commissioned to create a selection of maps for a new website. EEEEK! Charlotte Raboff is a full on enthusiast of New York and was creating a new website for the Swedish market to book hotels and activities – New York Hotel Booking. And lucky little me was getting to doodle up the maps!

Charlotte has handpicked her favourite hotels for each district, and I love the little titbits of information and quirky facts she has added…not just your plain old hotel booking site, no siree! I then hand drew the top sites, best rated restaurants and bars, and any other place / activity worthy of recommendation. I have to say, I learnt about a lot of cool places drawing these maps and it has definitely made me want to visit again!

To view the full selection of maps visit New York Hotel Booking, and you can also follow the Instagram page here.

If you would like to work with me on any projects or commission me for a bespoke piece, just send me an email and we can have a little chat. Whether it is a piece for your own travel blog, or to create a memento from your backpacking adventure, or even to recreate your favourite honeymoon location…let me know! Nice and easy.

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