Today’s post is a little different. I’m looking forward to sharing my experience with a new city guide app, one that not only supplies top tips on where to go and what to see but also HOW to get there.

It’s called GPSmyCity.

I’m trialling this app in the gorgeous city of Canterbury. I’m out on a shopping trip but want to capture some of the sights as well… I’m also looking forward to the fact it could introduce me to some lesser known sights that I tend to just walk past. It happens so often when we’re out an about, we have no idea what that district or that building’s history is. So let’s find out how it goes…

First off let’s take a little look at what the app actually looks like.

As soon as you log in you’re greeted with a ‘where will you go next?’ … always a teasing question to any keen traveller! Just makes you want to get exploring quicker! It registers your location so is already set to come up with nearby locations to tempt you. A combination of both City Walks and Travel Articles are available.

The City Walks options allow you to download a walking map (no 3G or data required as they all work offline!) of one of many themes. If you select Sightseeing Walks you can then specific your preference, whether it be museums & galleries, nightlife venues etc. You can even create your own walk! Add a name and description and then just select the attractions you want to visit. Once your walk is complete you have the option to save it for later use or to share it with friends.

The Travel Articles are personal experiences for fellow travellers and what is great about these is that as they mention a sight, or a restaurant or a shop there is a ‘GO THERE’ button which will direct to straight to it, by foot, car or bike. There is also an option to download the audio version of the guide, although there still needs to be little work on this feature as the robotic woman in charge can’t quite get the flow right or judge where to pause for new sentences!

Now you know how GPSmyCity works it would be a shame not to show you some of the sights I saw whilst following the Sightseeing Walking Map.

And now the GIVEAWAY part!

Want to WIN a free GPSmyCITY premium account for a year?

No problem!

For a chance to win the year’s subscription with full access to all walking tours + travel articles covering 1,000+ cities just tell me in a Comment below what your dream travel destination is and why it is top of your list. 

All entries must be in by Sunday 2nd September, at which point I’ll choose the 10 most interesting entries as winners and they’ll all get a free subscription. Awesome!